What makes up doggy?

Global foundation to rescue dogs a from streets to later offer them for adoption. Unlike other foundations, Doggy Foundation will NOT ask for donations in any way. The money generated in pet stores and paid subscriptions on platforms and applications offered by the Foundation will be enough to cover the expenses and needs of all our pets.

Decentralized virtual multistore for pet products globally where users can buy and sell, receive special discounts by paying with the Doggy Foundation's cryptocurrency $OGGY. The store will have mobile applications for Android, iPhone and a wide variety of products.

Decentralized social network dedicated exclusively to our pets. Each one of them will have its own space in the network where their parents will be able to upload photos, videos and participate in events. This social network will have different subscription plans that can be purchased by paying with our cryptocurrency "$OGGY" thus receiving better benefits and additional services. Users will also be able to access from the website or from the mobile applications on Android and iPhone.

Take advantage of the full potential of your pets and sell on NFT's exclusive marketplace. Unique and irreplaceable avatars and collectibles of your beautiful furry friends.

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Step Houses

We will create step houses in each city, acquiring suitable places to build ideal places for all animals. We will provide them with medical attention, hygiene, food and sterilization.

Adoptive Family

All pets will stay the necessary time, to later be delivered to an adoptive family which must meet the requirements established by the Doggy Foundation. This adoption process will have no cost..

Pet Shop

Doggy Fundación will have a global online and physical store, where products for all types of pets will be offered. These profits will be distributed for the maintenance of the foundation and the equipment of the medical staff.

Store Customers

Store customers can use Oggy Coin $OGGY to make online payments, receiving benefits and discounts.


About Doggy Foundation

The Doggy Foundation arises from seeing the abandonment and mistreatment that street animals must suffer every day and knowing. Many foundations do not do things out of love for them, but rather they seek their own interests. That is why Doggy was born; to commit to change it and to give them a decent life. With a whole team of people who recognize the value of these you are without a voice, who know how to love without any conditions and even more than themselves.

What is Oggy Coin $OGGY

Oggy Coin is a decentralized Token built on the Binance Smart Chain network that offers a modular and efficient way that benefits all users involved. Its goal is to bring together companies, foundations, people, and developers to solve real-world problems. Oggy Coin is a BEP-20 token that works on the Binance Smart Chain Network.


$OGGY is a decentralized initiative for a pet-loving community. OGGY is the token that allows investors to obtain thousands of units. It's the Super Hero dog , this BEP20 token is intended to be used in means of payment of a self-sustaining and decentralized foundation. 20% was sent to a dead wallet for token burning and the rest of the amount will be in circulation.

Contract Address (BSC)

Tokens Details


Oggy Coin

Total Supply:










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Token Distribution

  • Pancakeswap Liquidity 10%
  • Doggy Foundation 20%
  • Public Sale 70%

Token Doggyfoudation

  • Marketing and Publicity 15%
  • Registration and Legalization 10%
  • Social Network Development 20%
  • Online Store Development 25%
  • Passing house 30%
Road Map

Oggy Coin Timeline

Mission and vision


The vision of Doggy Foundation is to reach every country, every city and any part of the world where a dog needs help, and to become the largest canine foundation in the world.


The Doggy Foundation's mission is to completely change the lives of all street dogs. Providing them with better well-being and a future adoptive family.



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